Senior Events

March 2005 Events  
  • Money War (class competition) -- Donate money to your class, or other classes. Donate coins for the class to receive points ($.01 = 1 point), donate dollars the class to lose points ($1.00 = -100 points). Assuming you have class spirit, donate coins to your class and dollars to the Juniors. Because no one likes the Juniors.

  • Compton Trip -- What better way to spend your Spring Break than pay your respects to Eazy-E on March 26th at his burial site in Compton? March 26, 2005 marks the 10th anniversary of Eazy's death and we shall all miss him. Ask Akash Ayare or Kraig Negrete for more information.
April 2004 Events  
  • Sample Event #1 -- Explanation of Sample Event #1
  • Sample Event #2 -- Explanation of Sample Event #2
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